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Forklift Training Pittsburgh 

Do you know who is required to get forklift or lift truck safety training? TruPar America knows that the safety and training of your employees goes hand in hand. Operator Training Keeps Your Workplace Safe. 

Our Training Program will help your business:

  • Substantially reduce your accident rate and help reduce workers’ compensation cost
  • Minimize damage to inventory and property
  • Improve worker productivity and morale
  • Fulfill your OSHA lift truck operator requirements

At Trupar America, we know that properly trained employees are the key to creating and maintaining a safer work environment. Forklift training in Pittsburgh provides employees with the knowledge and the skills to safely operate forklifts or lift trucks.  

With our efficient and cost-effective forklift training program, you can keep your employees safer, helping to substantially reduce your accident rate while also helping to reduce your workers’ compensation costs. Operator training can also help your business in the following areas:

  • Improve worker morale and productivity
  • Minimize costly damage to property and inventory
  • Keep you in compliance with OSHA lift truck operator requirements

Comprehensive Training for a Safer Work Environment

Our OSHA compliant forklift operator training program will provide your employees with complete training to help ensure they gain a full understanding of safe and proper forklift operation.  Our training program will teach your employees:

  • Drive safely 
  • Pick up and stack a load correctly
  • Move with and without a load
  • Operate around elevators, ramps, and trailers
  • Refuel and Recharge

Equipment safety training pittsburgh

According to OSHA, 1 in 15 forklift accidents are caused by improper forklift maintenance. As part of our comprehensive truck operator training, Pittsburgh employees will also be trained in pre-shift forklift inspection training.  

With a pre-shift inspection of the forklift, a trained eye can spot maintenance issues before they cause an accident during operation. Employees will learn how to identify damage to the forklift that could cause accident or injury if left unresolved. 

Contact Trupar America to learn more about our forklift operator training program and schedule your training today!

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